Impact Indoor Air Quality adds a protective layer for Sports Teams and Fans Across the Country

Cleats piercing turf. The heat of the stage lights. The crack of a bat. The applause after a performance. Whether it’s sports, recreation, or live theatre, all forms of entertainment are indispensable parts of our lives. But sweaty equipment, smelly dressing rooms, and shared clubhouses let viruses and bacteria run the show. That’s why Synexis is the player you need.

As the sole developer of DHP™ (Dry Hydrogen Peroxide), Synexis and our leading BioDefense system has the power to reduce the presence of pathogens both in the air and on surfaces without anyone needing to leave the room. With proven results against the spread of viruses and bacteria like MRSA, and mold like A. niger (which causes black mold), Synexis makes a real, noticeable difference.1,2



For direct integration with existing HVAC systems.  Airflow is regulated by your HVAC system and runs silently in the background.

Synexis Blade Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Device


For industrial and business applications where inline installation is difficult, powered by a simple 110V plug.

Synexis Sentry Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Device


Built with Design in mind, powered by a simple 110V plug.  The Sphere can be deployed on the included stand or wall-mounted.

Synexis Sphere Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Appliance with a UL Validated Seal