Synexis® DHP™ is deployed in kitchens across the country fighting dangerous kitchen bacteria, such as Salmonella and Listeria. DHP® also runs off pesky insects.
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Clean Fitness centers mean a lot. DHP™ battles Staph, MRSA, Viruses and Odors. Keep it Clean Folks!
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Air quality is just one of the reasons to choose Synexis®. DHP™ has been proven to dramatically reduce viruses on surfaces and in the air.
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Clean Air in Country Clubs-
Protect Your Members, Guests and Team

Country Clubs are thriving and people are doing more outdoors.  What is your club doing for their Indoor Air Quality?  

The Synexis® DHP™ technology continuously uses dry hydrogen peroxide (DHP™) to reduce levels of harmful bacteria and viruses, along with fungi and mold in occupied spaces.

Independent, peer-reviewed studies of DHP have proven how effective the Synexis® system is against viruses, such as SARS-CoV2, Influenza, and others.

DHP™ cleans every part of the room that the air touches- including hard and soft surfaces, floors, walls, windows, doors, and ceilings.  And because a DHP™ appliance runs continuously, there is also less chance for cross-contamination and re-contamination of surfaces.




For direct integration with existing HVAC systems.  Airflow is regulated by your HVAC system and runs silently in the background.

Synexis Blade Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Device


For industrial and business applications where inline installation is difficult, powered by a simple 110V plug.

Synexis Sentry Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Device


Built with Design in mind, powered by a simple 110V plug.  The Sphere can be deployed on the included stand or wall-mounted.

Synexis Sphere Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Appliance with a UL Validated Seal